Sunday, July 26, 2009

I dunno what's with my dreams lately...

I can't remember all the details but....

A friend and I went to a party at Neil Young's house. But we weren't invited so we were kind of hiding out. We were being searched for and stuff. Next thing I know I was walking around with Tommy Hanson of the Atlanta Braves. He was telling me that I didn't quite make the cut. But he bought me 3 San Diego Padres jerseys and took me back. On the way back up the stairs I saw Henry Rollins. I said hi, he grunted. I said thanks for the music and kept going. It turned out it wasn't Neil Young's house, it was a rehab centre run by pro baseball players. They cleaned people up and tried to turn people into ball players. I didn't make the cut, like I said. I had to climb down scaffolding to the street because we were hitting the baseballs off the roof.
Then I was hanging out in front of some store talking to a homeless kid. I gave him my hat.
Then somehow I was helping a little Asian kid collect these things. It was like, people would put out their garbage and recycling and then like utensils or something. Popsicle sticks? But we had to collect them and take them back to a depot.

I need to get a dream interpreter.

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