Saturday, July 11, 2009

Early to bed tonight!

I was up til 3 last night watching a movie with Chad. Wicked tired today. Movie was pretty good. (Outlander) Chad and Kelly were over for a visit and I used the BBQ for the first time on the new deck. We sat around outside on it for hours. I love it. I do need to add one board though. On the one side you can see the ends of all the 2x4s. I can cover it up easy enough. I even have extra lumber I could do it with. I'll see how it looks with that before I get any more wood.

I am going to do some measurements and math over the next couple days for a railing on the front porch. I need to talk to Home Hardware too about brackets or mounts for the ends. I am not the most accurate carpenter so being able to put it in a bracket instead of having to cut to the EXACT length would be great. Need to determine the spacing the ballisters. Don't want any heads getting stuck. Should give me something to do Wednesday and Friday. If I'm not helping Joe with the roof over the backroom. Busy busy me!!

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