Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weirdo dream

Details are getting fuzzy so I better get going.

Basically me and some other people I don't recall were driving. it was on a road that seemed very video game like. the other cars were driving on the wrong side of the road and stuff and we had to swerve and what-not. We swerved into a church parking lot. the Church had big steps and stuff like a giant courthouse you see in the movies. We crashed and rolled the van we were in. the only person hurt was the driver. She was trapped in a crushed cart. Like one that they push food around on in a hospital. We thought she was dead. A guy driving a big truck said "Well, at least your van didn't get damaged much". I lost it. I was screaming like no-one's business at this guy. "You're a fucking asshole!" over and over again. He was basically ignoring me and going on about his business. We managed to extricate the driver from the cart, but she had turned into a very small deer. I can't remember any after that. But that is weird enough.

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