Saturday, July 18, 2009

another weird one

Someone put an ad on TV that they were giving away their cottage. FREE. We thought it was in New York so we didn't bother with it. (dumb enough I know). We were walking around outside Kingston and we thought we saw the cottage from the ad. We kept walking. I saw some friends of mine from work go to the cottage. They got it!! The cottage was huge. I counted 26 bedrooms. Escalators, servants, a food court. It was more like a mall with bedrooms. FREE. and we lost out.
They was also a crazy chase through the town. I can't remember what me and some other guy did to piss a couple guys off but they were chasing us with bats and stuff. I wanted to hide in the cottage (the friends were letting us stay) but I couldn't find an empty room. All the beds were full.
I ended up in someone's closet. on the shelf at the top. I was found but I can't remember by whom or what happened after that. If I can remember more I will post it but I have to go now.

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