Monday, December 14, 2009

Because I'm bored and not in the mood for Theosophy

I wrote this in my notebook and now I will copy it to here.

Am I just a figment of my own imagination? Is any of this real? Not in a Matrix sense because that would mean I have a physical body. I mean more like a dream. Like my life is the recurring dream of some other entity. It is said that dreams don't last as long as they feel. What may seem like days is mere seconds. I believe that the human brain is capable of so much more. So it seems reasonable to me that the entirety of what I feel is my existence, is a small imagining of some entity's mind when it is not in what might be a conscious state. Of course, if I'm just a character in a dream, what I think isn't real anyway. Or is it?

But, what kind of mind would dream up a place like this anyway?


Lizzie said...

Or have you ever wondered if we are just smaller things in or on a vast being. Sort of like cells in our body. Maybe we are all just cells in some larger entity????

Matt Hinch said...

like Horton Hears a Who!