Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas is almost over.

And it was a good one. Just have to go see the Grammas and the Lewis's. And Gene's coming over. Here's the rundown.

Christmas Eve: At Becky's sisters. Tyler had to work til 7 so the girls just played with Robyn. Rob made me a pretty potent rum & eggnog. But really, the rum just rose to the top. didn't get stirred up. The eggnog was really yellow. Like fluorescent. We had a nice turkey dinner and exchanged gifts. I got a pretty nice tea pot for loose leaf tea. And some flowering tea. I know, I'm a grannie. Had 2 rounds in the hot tub! Hot tub at Christmas. Oh yeah.

Christmas Day: We kinda got up before the kids. The girls opened their gifts first. Both very excited. When all that landfill paper was unwrapped, Becky and I attempted to open our gifts. We were constantly interrupted by requests to "open this". And of course, kid's toys need an instruction manual just to get into the box! We made it through before Dad, Zena, Dana, Barry, Dakota and "Uncle B" (Brian) came for breakfast. Poor Dakota had a wicked cold. More gifts were exchanged and we padded our bellies some more. It was a pretty nice morning.
(Next year, Becky and I are going to set alarm and get up even earlier ahead of the kids and open all ours before the get up.)

Boxing Day: We were slated to go my parents for supper. And we did. But not without some adventure first. We were going to kill some time and go look at a couple houses we saw online. One happened to be down a dirt road. There was 2 entrances to this road off the main road and they came together in a Y. We took the first one and came upon 2 cars being pulled out of the ditch. We tried to turn around and the front wheels got stuck on some ice. The 2 guys waiting for the vehicles helped us get going. So we went to the other entrance. When we came to the Y, the car didn't turn. We went right into the ditch. Luckily it was mostly snow bank but there was no way we were getting out under our own power. So I ran up the road to grab the tow truck before he left. We got pulled out after about an hour of standing around in the rain for about an hour. Needless to say, it did not leave a good impression of that road. We decided just to not look at the house and head home. Even though the road was "the worst I seen it in 30 years", I didn't want to see it again. We made it to Dad's more or less on time. Played some Wii, watched Canada HAMMER Latvia, exchanged more gifts, (we got a CAA membership. We needed it) and had another turkey dinner. More belly padding.

27th: We had the McCaugherty clan over to our house! Our first time hosting a holiday get together. It went great. Not everyone could make it but they were here in spirit. If we had a teleporter we could have had them here. haha. It wasn't a meal but there was more than enough snacks. MORE than enough. My belly should get more padded over the next couple days as I finish everything off. Then to get back on the EA Active Wii workouts and the elliptical. Or rather, start those things.

All in all, it was a great holiday season. Can't wait to do it all again next year!

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