Monday, December 14, 2009

Excellent Documentary

I watched The Union: The Business Behind Getting High last night. An excellent doc about the business of marijuana. It really showcases how stupid the war against marijuana is. Billions of dollars have been wasted try to enforce marijuana prohibition. It hasn't stopped anything. What it does, is make criminals out of innocent people, and fills prisons that run on our tax dollars. If pot was legalized and regulated similar to alcohol, instead of wasting tax dollars, it would generate tax dollars. The LCBO generates hundreds of millions of dollars for the province every year. Marijuana could do that too and ease the tax burden on the rest of us. Lower income taxes, scrap the HST crap, etc.

Marijuana is still a drug. Alcohol is a more dangerous drug. Nicotine is even more dangerous. Yet, MJ is the only one that is illegal. MJ has numerous health benefits. Look at how many people a year die from tobacco. Or drunk driving. Or prescription meds. Or caffeine overdose! ZERO people have died from marijuana. Not one death can be attributed to marijuana alone.

I am not condoning drug use. I wouldn't condone cigarettes or booze either. But really, if you are going to have a vice, marijuana is probably the "healthiest" choice. Don't get high and drive. That's just stupid. Or go to work high. etc.

I could go on and on about this, but really it would be best if you just watched the movie yourself. Think about it. It won't necessarily make you go out and start smoking pot but it should make you think. And open your mind a little. If alcohol was illegal (like it used to be), would you break the law?


Lizzie said...

I whole heartedly agree with you on this one Matt. Alcohol is legal but not all people choose to drink.
The taxes would generate revenue and police time and money could go to more worth while crimes.

Matt Hinch said...

like crimes where people actually get hurt