Monday, January 5, 2009

What is this thing called "sleep"?

Here's how the whole sleep thing as gone down since Friday.
I have slept: Friday from 130-4pm. Saturday from 1145am-6pm and Sunday from 1215pm-5pm. So let's see, since 6am Friday morning, til
now, (510am Monday) which is almost 72 hours, I have slept a total of 13.5 hours. And I think I've got the better end of this deal.
Becky slept (and I use that term lightly) til like 9am friday, From 8isham til 1130am Saturday, and sunday from 730amish til 12pm. so
that's only 12 hours. She might have grabbed some sleep during the nights to bump her up over my 13.5 hours but it's hard to tell.
It's close. In any case, we are both exhausted. We should have had like 24 hours sleep by now. and when we are sleeping, it's not
quality. Sleeping in the day time is not quality sleep. Especially when the girls are noisy. And I am somewhat accustomed to being up
all night because of the shift work but Becky isn't. I can't imagine how she feels if I feel this bad.
I don't know how Amelia is still functioning. She has Becky up all night and then only naps for a couple hours. I really hope she
starts feeling better soon. Like REAL soon. It's one thing when it's the weekend and only one of us is working. But Becky has to go to
work at noon today. So if Amelia doesn't go to the sitter's (which she shouldn't if she is sick)then I will be staying up with her and
getting NO sleep today. Unless she lays down for a nap and I can grab a couple hours before Grace gets home from school. Only getting
a couple hours may just make me feel worse though. I will take any sleep I can get. I hope this fever of Amelia's has broken. Should
call the doctor anyway but there isn't much he can do if it's a virus. Nobody said parenting was going to be easy!!!
Wish us luck.

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