Tuesday, January 6, 2009

That was better?

I was able to sleep yesterday from 930 to 3. I needed it. Becky took Amelia up to the hospital and they were dicks. Test results tomorrow. She didn't really sleep well last night but I think she is over tired now. She slept on my chest, on the couch, from 1230 to 430 and 730-830 last night/this morning. Becky got some good solid sleep last night so I hope tonight can be my turn. lol

Joe fixed the roof on Sunday. A piece of steel lifted during the wind last week. He says we're gonna need a new roof within a year. I', not surprised. It hasn't been done in at LEAST 43 years. Steel is good that way. Don't know whether to go steel again (we love it!) or go with 30-year shingles. It will call come down to price.

Who wants to come clean my house? The sickies have held us back a bit. lol

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