Saturday, January 31, 2009

You know what bugs me/I'm bored

I hate just about every motorist except myself. Why? Some go too slow. Like the idiot the other day going 60 on Hwy 2. In a 4x4. The roads were wet, sure, but there was no snow on 'em! It wasn't windy and it did not appear that anything was wrong with this truck. And the Caprice and the Tracker behind him had no designs on passing either. It's an all-together too familiar scene on today's roads. People driving too slow for the safety of everyone else. It causes accidents. It causes road rage (in me). "It's a maximum, not a minimum." True, but have some sense already! It's those same people who (in inclement weather) are driving says 20km slower than posted in the 80 zone, then when it changes to 60, slow down to 40. (I'm getting deja vu, Have I blogged about this before?) Wait a minute! 60 was just fine back there!! Are you going to slow down to 30 when we get into town!!

some drive to fast. I live 2 blocks from a high school and 1 block from a public school and there is no stop sign on my corner. Kids from the high school FLY down my street. Of the 3 intersections between the 2 major streets on my street, mine is the only one without a stop sign. And then there's the idiots from down the other street that zip up and down the street on their ATVs and Ski-doos with complete disregard for the N/S stop signs that are there.

I talk on my cell phone while driving sometimes. Not all the time. Ask anyone who has talked to me while I was driving and they wil tell you I am paying more attention to the road. "Sorry, what?" But it's not even the people on their cell not paying attention that drive me nuts. It's those who are talking to a passenger!! I know it's polite to look at someone when you are talking to them but, you are driving!!! I think they will understand if you watch the road.

Then there is the people who just plain suck at driving. Like stradling the lines, stopping where there is no stop sign, and vice versa, I saw 3 people in the last week alone blatantly run red lights. I think there needs to be a national program put in place to teach people the rules to who has the right of way (me. haha)

Anyway, I'm pretty much just ranting and probably coming off as a jerk. I never said I was perfect (I almost failed my G road test) but this isn't about me, it's about you. I mean them. Them. You're cool cuz you're reading this. And I love my readers.

See you on the road!!

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