Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just because

Since I haven't blogged since last week I thought I should. Let's see. I picked up my new safety glasses this morning. They are those fancy brown and orange ones. I am wearing them at home right now. Just to get used to them. I was going to go to Kingston today to pick up my new safety boots but the copious amounts of snow have prevented me. Don't need them that bad. I could go Thursday or Friday.
I watched Mary Poppins for the first time ever this morning.
I am almost done compiling my list of the Top Albums of 2008. But them I have to put them in order and write a little blurb. I am so behind on listening to stuff from this year!
I got a new tattoo last Friday. it's awesome. It's a Tree of Life with my girls' initials around it.

I got it done at Skin Graffix in Belleville by Ken. He's great.

That's pretty much it. well, I went to a concert right after getting the tattoo. No-one you would know (Rozea Haven, Titan and Fuck The Facts) It was awesome. The word awesome is awesome.
I just might give myself a haircut this afternoon. It's a wee but shaggy. I though about letting it grow out but it's too much of a bother. Plus, the shorter the hair, the less grey you see.

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