Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a wee bit excited.

At 6pm today, I shall converge upon Skin Graffix in Belleville to get my latest and greatest tattoo!! On the back of my left calf I am getting a Celtic style Tree of Life. Outside of the main tattoo, in the top "corners", I'll have the girls' initials. G on the left, A on the right. I was going to get them in the dead spaces on either side of the trunk, but just in case Becky and I go certifiably insane, and decide (?) to have another child ( I will jump out a window if it was twins) I wanted to be able to incorporate any more initials without it looking like an afterthought. I would put a third initial at the bottom-center. So the three would frame it like the points of a triangle. Or if we never have any more kids, I could put and M and  a B or the word Hinch or something on the bottom if I wanted.

At 9 tonight, I will find myself at the Autonomous Social Centre in Kingston. There, I will have my ears assaulted by the metal stylings of Kingston's Rozea Haven, Toronto's Titan and Ottawa's F*ck the Facts. The ACS is just a house, so you know it's going to be Intimate. I'll have a still bleeding tattoo, so the mosh pit will not be my mistress this night. I wam going to try and bring my (shitty) camera and maybe snap a few pics. I am not going to risk one of the good cameras in such a small venue. I will have to FIND the old shitty camera first.

I won't be home til after 1130 at least and then I have to come into work on a shift trade Saturday morning. I'll be plenty tired, but I shouldn't be bruised.

So yeah, I'm excited. A new tattoo and a concert all in the same day. Lucky me!!!

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