Saturday, March 28, 2009

When I woke up

Friday morning, I had a thought. (I know!! That IS hard to believe) But it's pretty deep. Why are they called Chinese? Why not Chinan? I can't think of another country that ends in "a" that refers to their people as "-ese". Most of the rest just add an "n". For example: American, Cuban, Australian, Bolivian, Indonesian, Slovakian, Russian, Algerian, etc. Am I right? There are other exceptions CanadIan, ArgentinIan. Where an "i" is added. But by and large if a country ends in "a", just add an "n". Not China. They follow a different trend. Like Japanese and Sudanese. Who decides on "n" countries? Whethere to go "-ese" or "i", or "-ian"? I better drop this train of thought before my brain explodes. Netherlands=Holland-->Dutch? WTF?! Are they called New Zealanders? Trinidad and Tobaggan?? HAHAAH I'm so easily amused.

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