Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Soulless

A post or so ago, I entered the first four lines of a poem/song I had started. I finished it that night. Now, I post in its entirety. Should I decide to do anything more with it, I will likely refine it. But here's what I wrote that night.


The wind howls as the leaves drift past

Buffeted by the spirits of the dead

The light grows dim with the passing of the day

Fading whispers of things left unsaid

As the darkness rises, the air grows cold

A pale moon shines down upon the earth

Creatures of the night wake from their slumber

Hunters eager to prove their worth

The forest teems with silent life

Nocturnal struggle to remain alive

Predator, prey battle in shadow

Hunt or be hunted, live or die


Demons rise from the ashes of a former life

Feeding on the energy of death

Masters of no one, destiny sealed by fate

Endlessly searching for their soul

Memories embodied in the ether

Soulless entities in flight

Searching, searching desperately

Suffering eternally


The moon sets as the night wears on

Strengthening the hold of the dark

Forces of evil descend from above

An army of hate set to embark

On the horizon, a gathering storm

Thunder and lightning in the sky

Amassing for slaughter, the demons ride

No escape, the end is nigh


The storm dissolves  as a new day breaks

The demons chased by the dawn

The victims, the dead, know not anything

For the soulless, the search goes on


If I was to make this into a song, I think the chorus would be the eight lines starting with Demons rise....the first being where it is, the second being after ...the end is nigh, and the last being at the end. I wrote another one last night but I am not sure if I want to publish it or not. It's pretty personal and I'm not happy with the chorus yet.


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