Friday, August 21, 2009

Interesting/rough day

I had quite the day today. I took the girls to swimming this morning. Then forgot the bag of towels and dry clothes. So I had to drive back into town to get them and drive back out. The girls did very well in swimming this year. Amelia passed Duck. Grace passed 3 levels, Sunfish, Crocodile and Whale (I think). They improved a lot. Then Amelia didn't want to get in her car seat and screamed almost all the way to the sitters. It was around this time I realized the tingle I felt above my lip was going to be a cold sore/impetigo. I usually get them both at the same time. I can feel the cold sore popping up on my lower lip now. So I stopped at the drug store to refill my script before heading to Kingston to buy a suit (see previous post). All my driving today was behind some idiot. At least that's what it felt like. When I got home, I paid some bills. That's fun. Watching over $2000 disappear. Try it for yourself! Or better yet, try it for me. YOU pay MY bills. Now THAT would be fun!

After my nap (work tonight) I didn't feel very well. It kind of fouled my mood. So when Amelia dumped her spaghetti on the floor so she could put her doodle pad on it, I had a moment and dumped her doodle pad on the floor. At least I didn't yell. One step at a time.

I did get to ride the scooter to work. No rain! I did almost get hit by a transport. My exact words were " Thank for movin' over, Fuckwad!" With my luck it will be raining by morning.

So yeah, a week before I am in a wedding and  I am getting sores all over my mouth. Awesome! Other people suck at driving. Awesome! The roadrash on my knee keeps opening up and oozing. Awesome! The Blue Jays keep on losing. Awesome! Ok, I'm getting carried away now. Back to the positive. I got to ride the scooter in!

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