Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's gonna be a long day

I am going to be really bored today so be prepared for lots of blogging.
Not all of it will make sense I am sure.

i was very surprised by how dark it was this morning when I got up. Yes, it
was 5:30am but I didn't recall it being that dark on Friday morning. I
guess that means the day are getting shorter. And I'm okay with that. I
like the night. I just hope the bugs are getting thinner too.
I have alot of work to do outside that requires at least 3 days of no rain.
I don't know if that is EVER going to happen. I need to stain the deck, the
fence and the railing. The wood has to dry for 2 days then not be rained on
for another day. I think I may take that down to dry for 1 day. Because
it's not like it's raining a lot, just almost every day. So it's not so
much tht the wood is wet 2 days later, so much as it will get wet within a
day. The railing on the porch should be okay. It doesn't really get wet
when it rains anyway. But we have wait 30 days to stain it anyway.
Pressure-treated. It's gonna a busy August!
This entry will probably look weird because I forgot to click on Rich Text.
So all the line breaks won't match up.

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