Sunday, August 2, 2009

so yeah

Yesterday I broke the button on my shorts. It wasn't the thread that broke, or came loose. I broke the button. Broke the plastic. I guess I can't squeeze into a 34 anymore.

Mom's home from Vancouver for a visit. I took the girls over for a short visit yesterday. Then we met Becky and Kim and Jacob at McDonald's for lunch. Before we took Grace and Jacob to the fair, we dropped Amelia off at the Lewis's. She's too young to do anything there. We looked at the sheep and cows and the birds. Then the kids hit the rides. We got them bracelets so they could just ride and ride. People that were leaving kept giving us tickets. Strangers!  We took them even though we didn't need them and passed them on to Matt and Kara Dafoe. We took a break at one point and looked at all the entries (flowers, baking, crafts etc) and got Grace an ice-cold fresh squeezed lemonade. Grace didnt' drink very much and passed it to us. We thought she was done with it. So we drank it. Then when we were leaving, she pitched a fit. Little embarassing when she threw her bag of cotton candy on the ground.  Needless to say, she got a talking to.

We picked Amelia back up, I changed my shorts and we went out to my Aunt's. My cousin Margie brought her triplets over from England for a visit. Much of the family that we don't see very often was there. Margie told us the basics of Cricket and she even set up some wickets and played with the older kids in the yard. Pot luck supper, too much dessert. The kids had a big water fight. Grace was soaked (and peed her pants but since she was already wet, she thought it was okay. yuck) It was great to see everyone. I didn't get the girls home til almost 9. 2 hours past bedtime. They went down pretty good. I had to give them a snack though because neither of them really ate well at supper. Not surprising, too much going on. I need to get more fruit leather though. They devoured them!

Amelia has slept in a "big girl bed" incident free for 3 straight nights. I've probably jinxed it now. Not sure if I need to get a new bulb for her night lamp or if the small night light that is in there now is enough. She does need more summer pjs though. And shorts. I can never find shorts for her. Becky must be hiding them.

I think (we think) Grace is missing school. She always wants to do stuff with her friends. She starts Senior Kindergarten one month from today! 2 years yet for Amelia. Becky said she is gonna cry on Grace's first day again this year. I was/am proud but I didn't cry.

Our neighbour is getting a new roof so he has a dumpster. He said we are more than welcome to put crap in it. I might do just that. Literally. Dog crap and diapers. Bagged up of course. Hopefully I'll get some time this week to clean out the backrooms and throw some more crap in the dumpster. I would like most of it to go towards Ceil's yard sale but I know some of it is just garbage.

I started writing a poem/song. The first for lines I've written are:

The wind howls as the leaves drift past

Dancing with the spirits of the dead

The light grows dim with the passing of the day

Fading whispers of things left unsaid.

It was a momentary flash of inspiration. We'll see if it goes anywhere.

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