Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grace's Birthday!

Grace turned 5 today. Well, yesterday. Fine! Wednesday.

She got a Peek-a-Boo Barbie and a Princess Barbie. A Tinkerbell balloon. A nice little toy bin and a Littlest Pet Shop Fitness CLub from us.

She got a Bratz Princess (she thinks it's Barbie) and a Camp Rock "Mitchie" doll (She thinks it's Hanna Montana) in the mail from Grammie and Poppa Rose. She's happy, that's all that matters. She was very excited to get mail.

She spent the day with us and her friend Makenzie. We went to the Pirate Park in Belleville then to McDonald's (with PlayPlace). When it was time to leave, Mackenzie went to get Grace and Grace screamed bloody murder because she didn't want to leave. My gawd was it loud! This horrible screech in a little acoustically resonant room was loud enough that federal safety regulations would have required hearing protection. Then we went back to our place and the girls played. I managed to nap in the next room with no problem. I wasn't THAT tired, and I doubt they were quiet, but I think I have myself trained.

Grace talked to or got birthday messages from just about everyone. It was good. She is going to have such a blast at her party on Saturday!

Hard to believe she's so old!! Next thing I know she'll be in high schooo. Please no! I'll stick with the fancy song she sang Grampa about how she'll be six and go to Grade One.

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