Sunday, March 8, 2009

I should take PC repair

Wednesday night my computer didn't work. It wouldn't turn on. It sounded like a car turning over but it just didn't have the strength. It would start going full bore for a couple seconds and then it would start chugging again. I asked a buddy at work and he said it sounded like the power supply. That's what I thought too.
Friday I went to Canada Computers and bought a new one. I changed it myself and everything is cool.
Then yesterday I took the old hard-drive out of my old computer and putting in the one I am using. And I didn't mess it up. It gives me an extra 10GB of storage after I formatted it. It's a 12GB drive but I can't seem to get the other 2GB cleared.
Later today or Monday I'll be swapping out the DVD drives. The one that came with this computer wasn't working right so I put my old in a while ago. It was doing the same thing so I figured it wasn't the drives but rather a CPU problem. In light of the power supply issue, it may be related so I am going to put the newer, better (it burns) one back in and give that a shot.
Someday I am going to buy some more RAM and speed this baby up a bit. I have slots for at least one more RAM card, maybe 2.
In the meantime, I have to move all the pictures onto the MyBook. Just in case this baby dies. I can replace programs, mp3s, movies and stuff but I can't replace the pictures.

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