Friday, March 20, 2009

It's almost time!!

The snow is gone. The flowers are coming up. Time to get outside. We went for our first after supper walk of the season the other day. It was very nice. We are now looking for a double jogging stroller. We used to have a double bike trailer/stroller but it was cumbersome and Grace hated it. Then we had a jogging stroller but we never used it. I think we sold it for as much or more than we paid for it. We want a jogging stroller because they tend to have bigger wheels and can handle uneven sidewalks better than normal strollers. We need the double to we can take both girls when we are alone. Finding a used one is not proving easy.

I am really itching to get outside.  I have a lot of work to do. Not to mention using the scooter!! I need to get some dirt and level out the yard in some places to make it so the fence doesn't look crooked (it's level). And to "freshen up" the dog's kennel. I can pick it all up but with the rain and stuff....

I need to strart doing some measuring and planning for my first project of the summer. I am putting a railing around the front porch. Need to measure to see how long of 2x4s I'll need and then plan for spacing of the 2x2 spindles and calculate how many of those I need. I'm going to get those holders I guess, that you screw onto the upright and then fit the end of the 2x4 into it. That is so much easier than trying to hammer the nails in on an angle and all that. When that's all done I will be building some window boxes but not for the windows. haha. They will sit on either side of the stairs. I am going to mount the numbers for our address on one of the boxes. Dad and Zena got us some really nice ceramic ones from a vendor when they were down in Chile. I haven't put them up anywhere yet because I wanted to do it right. If I get all that done, and we have the money, I'll be building a bigger deck. Not sure on the size yet but it will be bigger then the 8x7ft one we have now. At least 12x12, maybe 12x16. I have room for 12x20 but that might be a bit much. We'll see. I might even use the wood from the old deck to make a scooter port. hahaha Like a carport, but for the scooter.

Grace's birthday party is Saturday. There will be quite a few people at the house. I think 11 kids including Grace? plus Amelia, and the teenage cousin help. and parents. I just hope Amelia is well enough that she can be involved and we won't have to seclude her or take her somewhere else. Poor thing.

Saturday morning, I will find myself in Kingston. I have to get Becky the Best Buy exclusive Limited Edition Twilight DVD. It's got a bunch of extra stuff that is only on that version. It's sold out online. I need to call the store tomorrow and see if the are doing anything special. Like opening early or anything. Doubtless there will be hordes of teen girls there waiting to get it. Should be interesting. I hope I don't look like a creep and/or nerd. IT'S NOT FOR ME!!!!! hahaha

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