Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I lost my travel mug

I can't find it anywhere. I probably left it laying around at work. And
since it looks like everyone else's, someone probably picked it up. I
didn't pay for it so it's no big loss, but now I have to buy a new one.

On Sunday we took the girls to the Pirate Cove playground in Belleville.
Man! did they ever have fun! I really enjoyed seeing them so happy. It's a
geat place to take them. It's great because it's fenced in. Then we took
them to the new renovated Reid's Dairy for ice cream. Amelia made quite a
mess but it was better than my expectations. That's why they get vanilla.
First Grace wanted vanilla, then Pistachio, then strawberry, then chocolate
then back to vanilla.

Amelia slept throught the might Sunday night. A full 12 hours. Thank you
thank you thank you! I haven't got an email from Becky yet so I hope she is
sleeping through tonight aswell.We've had her on lactose free milk for a
couple weeks now and she actually has solid poops now and her diaper rash
is clearing right up. It's a little more expensive but it's worth it.

I was freaking Sunday and all day Monday because I could find the receipt
for my $500 orthotics. Then when I was leaving for work I had a revelation!
I flipped open the thing in the center console that I keep my change and CT
money in and Voila!! I thought I put it right on the seat but the console
wasn the next logical place to look because that's where I put everything
so it doesn't blow out the window or fall out the door. Why I didn't look
there is beyond my comprehension. But now I have it and I can submit it to
my benefits. Phew!!

I have this feeling in the back of my throat. It's like there is a string
or a feather or something stuck at the back. It would be really nice if it
went away soon. I haven't been able to swallow normally for over a week.

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