Friday, May 15, 2009

Because these kinds of things bother me

You know that commercial where the guy rents a truck from Enterprise so he can pick up wood to build his daughter a playhouse? Sure ya do. Dude coulda save himself some dough if he just had the hardware store/lumber yard just deliver it. Besides, if I could just build a playhouse from scratch, I'd probably already have a truck!

If I see one more Direct Buy commercial, I may just throw something at the TV.

If I ever met Sally Field, I'd yell "Boniva this!!" and snap her frail bones.

I had a really good beef the other day and I should have blogged it right away because now I forget.

Hey!!! Make the videos available in Canada already!! If you have some "evil plot to take over the world", ya might wanna branch out a bit!!

There's this high school kid that walk by my house all the time with his ipod. Singing away like he's king of the world. And he is really, really bad. If he was delayed, okay. Or even if he was alone, I'll let it slide. But he's with a bunch of friends! I don't know if he thinks he's funny, or if he is just a big frickin' idiot.

I can't remember the last time I actually listened to the radio other than in a store or waiting room or whatever. At home, never. In the car, if I don't have my ipod, a tape or a CD, I just turn it right off.  I hate radio.

I started writing this because I was bored. Now I am bored of writing it.

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