Thursday, May 28, 2009

Detroit, you suck!!

My beloved Blackhawks were beat out of the playoffs last night by the Sweden Red Wings. ( I know they were eliminated on a (lucky) goal by a Canadian. that's not the point)  It's all my fault though. I was growing my playoff beard. Sometime before the Detroit series,  I trimmed up a couple spots that were out of hand. I messed with the beard. A big no-no. I am drafting my letter of apology the Blackhawks. I was growing (no pun intened) rather fond of my beard. Becky's sad that I don't look like a lumberjack anymore but she'll get over it.

This year was a vast improvement over last and they are only going to get better. I just hope they don't make any stupid moves over the summer. ( The Leafs will do plenty of that. hahahha) I say, send Campbell and a draft pick to Vancouver for the Sedins. Yah baby! Havlat has proven he CAN play a full season, so re-sign him. As much as I would like it, I don't think they can re-sign Habby and keep Huet around. Too much money in net.

Next year boys!!

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