Friday, May 22, 2009

Grace's dentist visit #2

I took Grace to the dentist on Thursday for some fillings. I know, she's only 5 and she's getting fillings!! We kinda dropped the ball on early dental hygiene. We've started much earlier with Amelia. Anyway, she had 2 small ones filled. We did great again. Granted, I don't think he used any freezing. Which means no needle. The next one is bigger. It's half gone. She calls it her "pointy tooth". That one might be tougher. He may need to give her a needle. I am confident that he can do it with minimal protest from her. At least until the needle goes in. I'll bribe her with a trip to the Pirate Park and Reid's Dairy. She says to me today " Dad, the dentist put somethin in my tooth. When is he gonna take it out?" I told that he's not. It's a filling and it's there to protect your teeth. She seemed to be alright with that. We go back June 4 for the last one. And then I go June 10. It'll be the first time I've gone since 2000. I don't imagine it'll be my only visit this year.

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