Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I knew it!

Yesterday after we took the animals to the park, ( The dogs too) I stated digging out all the dandelions from the side yard while the girls played. About half way through I thought, " I am gonna regret this." Turns out I was right. Not because I miss the yellow on my lawn, but because my hamstrings are wicked sore. I think I'll just use the weedeater to cut down what the mower doesn't get.

For some reason, I have the itch to make the gardens around the house look nice. Weird, I know. To the point that I want to get some cedar mulch and put it in there to make it look nice, hold moisture and cut down the weeds. And the one part that is all grassy is driving me nuts everytime I see it. What is happening to me?

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