Monday, November 16, 2009

Move it, Gramma!!

Coming home from Kingston the other day, I got stuck behind this old lady driving agonizingly slow and it got me thinking. In general, the relationship between age and speed is inversely proportional. The older you get, the slower you drive. Shouldn't the relationship be directly proportional? The older you get, the faster you drive? For this reason, with "less time on the clock" why would you want to waste time travelling? Wouldn't want to get to your destination faster? So you could fit more in to what precious little time you have left? I know I won't be like that. I'll be 80 years old still listening to Slayer driving 100kph on Hwy 2. That is, if I'm still alive at 80. (2012 anyone?) Plus, 50 years from now, cars will drive themselves at bullet-train speeds while the passengers are experiencing whatever they please using Matrix-like virtual reality. All with inertial dampers so we don't feel acceleration, deceleration or cornering. Unless you wanted to. There would be a VR simulation for that. Everyone needs a dream, right!

Writing the above also got me thinking about gas mileage. In the US system, mileage is measured in mpg (miles per gallon) while in Canada it's L/100km ( litres per hundred kilometers). Wouldn't it be easier to use km/L? I mean, really, that's a really odd what to express a rate. For example, you would say " I can make 50 cookies per hour" not " It takes me 2 hours to make 100 cookies." I guess that's another reason we are called Crazy Canucks!

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