Monday, November 16, 2009


I am really trying to cut down on my swearing. I'm too casual with it. Plus, foul language is generally used in a negative manner. I don't need negativity. I need positive! So, I don't have a problem using the "F word" in a positive way. ie. That album is fuckin' awesome!

But really, just about any harmless word can be used in a negative way. Like frog. There is nothing wrong with the word frog. If I called someone a frog because they could jump far, that would be okay. If I called someone a frog because they were French, well, that would be negative. It's all in what you mean by it. How it's delivered.

It's just a matter of catching myself. If I stub my toe, instead of saying FUCK, I'll just say OUCH. Or my personal favourite, "FU-cryin' out loud!"

I've just gotten into such a habit of using bad words in my everyday speech. Not around kids, or most of my family. Especially at work. Plant mouth. It's just not necessary.

I've learned that the way you talk to people has a direct relation to how they respond to you. If you talk in a negative manner and/or use foul language, people in general, will be less receptive to what you are saying. If you can speak in an even tone, and use appropriate language, people will be much more likely to respond in a positive (or at least not negative) way.

So, yeah. I have been and will continue to make a concerted effort to revise my general manner of speech and tone to bring more positive into my world and the world around me.

So nevermind the title of my previous entry about speed-challenged elderly drivers. LOL

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