Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sleep lab results.

I got the results from my second sleepover at the clinic. I had NO abnormal breathing incidents.NO abnormal limb movements. I woke up about a dozen times (only remember 1) and my sleep was disturbed 20 or so times. Both of those figures are no cause for concern. I did, however, snore 1710 times in 6 hours and 11 mins. Which works out to roughly 1 every 15 seconds. Their parameters for what qualifies as a snore must be different than mine. If I really snored that much, Becky would have kicked me out of bed long ago! He said that is actually below normal. My heart-rate was fine and my oxygen saturation was good too.

So basically, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my sleep.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, great, I don't have a sleep disorder. On the other hand, why the hell am I still so tired!? I go see my family doctor in about 3 weeks. He might put me on a pill he prescribes to shift workers to help them get more restful sleep. I'll stay on the "happy pills" at least until I know that the sleeping pills work. I'd like to be on no prescriptions at all but I have to do what I have to do.

Wish me luck!

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