Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Because I am bored

A single bead of sweat rolled across his temple as he say huddled in the
darkness. His nerves were getting the best of him, for there was no reason
to sweat in the cold dampness. He took little solice in the fact that since
he was still shivering, hypothermia hadn't set in. Yet.
He knew it was only a matter of time before he would have to move. If they
didn't find him, he'd soon succumb to the cold or starve. Cautiously, he
stood. His ears perked up,scanning for any sounds that his movement has
been detectd. But all he could hear was the beating of his own heart and
the distance echo of water dripping into a pool. Not even the scurrying of
rats to tell him he wasn't alone. Maybe they had fled too. To somewhere
deeper. Somewhere safer.
He weighed his options. Back the way he came,in hopes they had moved on?
Too risky. He had heard the screams and had no intentions of joining that
chorus. With only one choice left, he slowly and silently moved further
into the tunnel.

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Michael said...

Is that a description of working at Goodyear???