Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's your lucky day, kids!

I am yet again bored out of my GD mind, so we are going to play another rousing game of "Whatever the hell pops in my head!"

Ready? GO!

Mike shaved off his beard last week. It looks funny. 5:07

"Hello, Operator?" "yes" "Can you put me through to Someone Who Cares?" "i'm sorry, sir, i can't" "Why not" " there is no such person. The only one I have by that surname is a Nobody"

I haven't heard the Scars On Broadway album yet. I heard it sucks.

I still have paint on my cuticle from Wednesday. I have washed my hands literally dozens of times, but still it remains. 5:17

One day last week I decided to check out a band called Rammer (from Toronto). Monday I listed to one of their albums. Tuesday I listen to it again. Thursday, again. It's really good! Friday, "what!? They broke up!! SHIT!" Maybe I should have checked them out earlier.

HAHAA The guys in The Red Chord called Five Finger Death Punch, Five Finger Fruit Punch on the Rockstar Mayhem Tour. That's brilliant!!

I bet you Duseldorf Hammerstein could play a mean fiddle if he were a real person.5:32

Brad Pitt's character in 12 Monkeys gives the best middle finger.

My belly sticks out further than my pectoral muscles. damn! my ass stinks.5:45

6:22 yup mind pretty much blank

In maybe 15 minutes or so, I will shower, brush my teeth and maybe shave.

Well! THat's it for this morning losers and germs! return next time when you might actually read something interesting!!

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