Monday, October 20, 2008

Ya got me!!

So Becky threw me a surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday night. And
what a surprise it was! I had no clue. I knew she was up to something but I
didn't know it was a party and I didn't think it would be this early if it
Much of my family was there and most of my best friends were there.
my cake looked just like one of my Guitar Hero guitars.
Becky put alot of planning into it and she did a great job.
She had many co-conspirators!!
I had a great time chatting with friends, stuffing face and staying up til
430 playing Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Sing Star.
I only had 7 beer. I know, that's gotta be a new record for me. But I guess
it's a testament to the fact that I am getting old. I sure can't party like
I used. My liver says thanks.

Again, I had a great time, I was totally shocked, and I hope I can do it
again in another 30 years. Thanks to everyone who came and BOOOOO!!!! to
everyone who didn't. Just kidding, I understand.

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