Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kyuss in the Hall of Fame!!!!

Decibel Magazine has FINALLY inducted the Kyuss album Kyuss into it's Hall of Fame. While it's a self-titled album, it's more affectionately known as Welcome To Sky Valley or just Sky Valley. You see, there is a sign on the album cover that reads Welcome to Sky Valley.

This album is one of my ALL TIME faves. It's creditted with starting the whole "stoner-rock" genre. Holy hell, it's a great album. They put out 4 albums. Wretch, Blues For The Red Sun, Kyuss and The Circus Leaves Town. All awesome. This album featured and all-star lineup for sure. Vocals: John Garcia (Hermano, ex-Unida) Guitar: (yes, there was only 1) Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, ex-Eagles of Death Metal, mastermind behind the multi-album series The Desert Sessions) Bass: Scott Reeder (ex-The Obsessed, having a brain-fart on all the other bands he's been a part of. Legendary bass player) Drums: Brant Bjork (no relation) (Brany Bjork and The Bros, ex-Fu Manchu, another brain-fart)

Scott and Brant might have been in Unida and/or Slo Burn as well.

This album changed my life. I mean it. I asked my buddy Spencer if he could recommend anything similar to Clutch by Clutch. And Welcome to Sky Valley is what he told me. Instantly hooked. It tripped off a whole obsession with that vein of music. I could sit here and go into detail about the whole album but frankly, just to get it. Download or buy, you WON'T be disappointed. It's an album best listened to by itself. not while you read the paper, or drive to the store, or have a conversation. Just listen to it. In fact, I believe on the back cover it stated Listen Without Distraction.

It pulls you in and doesn't let go. It takes you away with it. It's an album that you don't need to be stoned to listen to (although that is a good way to listen to it) but rather it's an album that will make you feeled stoned just hearing it. It affects you.

Just go listen to it and gimme a holler back and I can tell you what else to blow your mind with.

When was the last time I listened to this? Shit, too long! Guess what I am doing tomorrow (well, later today)!!

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