Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TV Shopping

I'm going TV shopping Wednesday. THanks to the generous donations of my
family and friends on my birthday I don't have to buy a cheap one!
I'm pretty sure I want a 42" but I will settle for a 37".
The debate is LCD vs. Plasma.
Plasma gets me a better picture and better viewing angle, but does it last
as long?
I know when they first came out it was said that they only lasted like 5
years. But I saw a flyer that listed the life at 60,000hrs/35 years. At an
average of 6hrs a day, that's over 27 years. So even at an average of 12
hrs a day (so help me if we watch that much tv) that's over 13 years. If a
TV lasts that long, great!!
So basically I just have to confirm that a plasma will last oh, at least 10
years, and I'm good. AND that the price isn't out of this world. We saw
some at Walmart that were not bad price-wise.
Just gotta keep the kiddies' hands away from it either way!!!

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