Sunday, October 12, 2008

New metal blog coming soon

I will be starting a new blog soon. I will still have this one. I'll just
have 2.
It will be about Metal. Not iron, aluminum or bronze, but the musical
Music in general sometimes but mostly extreme music. Not the kind of stuff
my parents approve of. Or can believe I listen to. (I'll be 30 in a few
weeks, so won't need their approval anymore. hahah)

I'll be writing album reviews, live show reviews, interesting news I steal
from other websites, what I'm listening to, and just really anything I feel
like talking about that relates to music in some way.

As long as the name hasn't been taken, it's gonna be called Kingdom of
Noise. I got the name from a line in a short story written by Neil Gaiman.

I hope to start it this week. Probably by copying some entries from this
blog over to it.

Stay tuned.

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