Thursday, October 30, 2008

That was a little close

There was a vicious little storm Sunday night. It didn't last long but it
caused enough damage in that short time.
Around 8:30pm, watching the tv, whatever normal night. I could tell it was
windy out but I wasn't concerned. This isn't hurricane area or anything.
Now, I can't remember exactly if I was already standing or if i jumped up
when I heard the crack. I went to the window to see what the hell was going
on and I look out and see a tree (well most of it) fall into the street.
The top of said giant branch lands in my front yard! Inches from the
porch!! I didn't know at the time what tree it came from.
I went to the door and looked out to see debris flying down the street.
Leaves, branches, everything. Horizontal.
We quickly turned off and unplugged the tv and computers. Then we grabbed
the camera and video camera. Pictures are on my Facebook and I haven't
ripped the video off the disc yet.
It ended up being 3 big branches off the tree across the street. Most of it
went down the street blocking driveways and taking out power and one came
across towards our house. Branches actually made it over the fence into our
side yard. Branches were stuck in the power lines and all over the street.
The police came and blocked the street off until they got the power lines
fixed away and the town showed up to get rid of the branches. They cut the
bog logs up a bit and used a loader to make piles on the neighbour's lawn.
They came back in the morning to chip up all the brush and take away the
They came back today and took the whole tree down. I got video of that too.
It's through the screen door because I was stuck behind the new couch which
was wedged in the door frame to the living room.

Overall, it was pretty exciting. About as exciting as our 'hood gets.
Needless to say, the people who JUST bought the house across the street
(haven't moved in yet) came over in the morning to find most of their tree
in piles on the yard.

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