Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am pretty anxious for the couple days off I have this weekend. Not
exactly sure what the plan is for tomorrow but I know it involves going to
Kingston (where I can pick up my JUCIFER TICKET!!!!) I might try to slip
over and see Mom depending on the schedule.
Saturday is the big Carefoot Family and Friends Golf Tourney and BBQ. I am
pretty excited about it. I am confident in my golf game going into it and
the fact that it is a scramble makes it even better. I don't have to rely
on my putts! I have to work the next day which means I have to stay
relatively sober (especially since I will be driving home). It should be a
good time. Just keep Rob and his Zambuca and Jager away from me!! We don't
want a repeat of last year. (I'm not gonna go into that right now)
I just hope the rain holds off. The POP went from 90% last night to 40%
this morning, so it's looking good.
I have to stop on my way home to pick some stuff up so I might look for a
snazzy (read: ugly as sin) new golf shirt. Maybe a hat too. Like an
old-timey golf hat. hehe or maybe just the hat!!!


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