Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did we get thru?....debatable.

Friday night Dad and I went over to talk to my brother (B). It was very
tense at the beginning with B being very stand-offish, defensive, swearing,
cutting us off before we could finish. After about 5 minutes of it, Dad
says "If you aren't going to listen to anything we have to say, I might as
well save my breath and go home." To which B replies, "Fine then, go." Dad
throws up his arms in desperation but refuses to let B off that easy. We
had a lengthy discussion about B's various issues. From his inability to
maintain employment, to his anger management, self-esteem and depression
issues, to his inability to accept apologies and let things go etc. It may
seem like he has alot of issues, but he does. And I thought that we had
driven to point home that he needs to seek help to get his life on track.
That in order for him to get started he needs to get his head straight. He
still wouldn't look us in the eye when we were talking about him but we
seemed to come up with a short term plan. I thought it was
Mission:Accomplished. Now I am not so sure.
He made another one of his patented type-without-thinking comments on
Facebook and instead of realizing what he said was wrong, and deleting it,
he lies about apologizing. That, and some disturbing comments he made to my
sister the next day aswell. Maybe we did waste our time Friday night?! It's
high time he realized that actions have consequences and that you can only
say sorry so many times before it loses all meaning.

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