Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good day/Bad day

Here's why today was a good day:
I changed the air filter in the car
I installed the roll-up BBQ cover (which was assembled upside down by the
My pet waste composting operation seems to be going well.
and I was able to bike in to work tonight.

Here's why it was a bad day:
I wasn't able to talk to Becky on break because there is not reception at
the campground.
The earwigs are terrible!!
They moved Gramma McC to the ICU today. Just to better monitor her I guess.
Her sister's funeral was today so she was obviously a little upset. I went
to visit her yesterday and she seemed in good spirits. Although, she did go
on again about being "no good to anybody". Jeepers.
I am feeling really guilty about not visiting her more. Especially given
the current situation. I think part of the reason I don't visit more is
because I feel I have to bring the girls too and there is very little for
them to do in Gramma's apartment. I need to just get into a routine of
every X-day, go see Gramma. Whether it's just me, or all 4 of us, just go
see her.
I am going to print a pic of the girls or the family and take it up to
Gramma Wednesday. I might even see if we can Grace to draw up a get well
soon card.

I have to get over to see Mom Wednesday or Thursday too. She'll be at the
hospital alot but we'll work something out.

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