Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day!!

Happy 141st Birthday Canada!!

Were going to some big sale at Kiddie Kobbler today. I know, why are they open on Canada day??
Then going to the big parade in Bath and after that who knows. Probably a nap for Amelia and maybe Grace too.
Might go out to the SPC for all the festivities there. Fireworks at dusk.

I got all the crap cleaned out of the eaves yesterday. There was trees growing in them. When it rained the other day the water had no place to go and just spilled over the top. It didn't take that long but it was messy and it smelled. Becky cut some trees out of the garden. Black walnuts. We had one growing out of the side of one of our maples. There is still a walnut in the garden but it's all intertwined with a bush. I might get it out today. We did most of that work after the girls were in bed and we couldn't see that tree by the end!

Oh, I am gonna blog this just to have a record: I cut the grass Wednesday or Thursday June 25 or 26th. I can't remember but we'll see how long it is until I have to cut it again. We need more rain.

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