Sunday, July 13, 2008

Totally worth the traffic stoppage

Ok, so we're on our way back from Watertown on our way to Barry's 30th and we get stopped on the 401. It's way backed up. Accident. Turn off the car, walk around stoppage.
Roughly 2 minutes before traffic gets moving again, the lady in the minivan in front of us gets out and dumps a Tupperware of PEE at the side of the road!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
It was made so much funnier when traffic started going so soon after!!
Ah classic.

Oh and then when we started moving the car beside us wouldn't start!!! hahahahahahah
I could see in the rearview that they were pushing it over to the gravel.
Not funny, but I'm a jerk so yes, it is funny!!!!!

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