Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weird dream

I had this dream that we were at like a vacation/camping place and my sister (in the dream) left the site while the rest of us were not around. When she left, there was snow on the ground but sometime between then and when we got back there was no snow. When we noticed she was missing me and someone else split up to circle the lake to find her. I spotted smoke signals and figured it was here. So I ran around the lake and ended up in a city and lost site of the signals. I got jumped by some thugs and totally kicked their ass.
I found my sister in like beach type area. This couple said to some back to their place to rest and eat and whatever. Then they never let us leave. We were trapped there for years. I gained their trust and they let me carry Tom Green back to his house after a party they threw. I tried to escape but was caught.
My next thought was to take pictures of the stars and mail them to my family and try to send a secret message telling them to use the stars as a map to find us. I don't know why I was able to send mail but I think they went through it first to make sure I wasn't trying to tell anyone where we were.
Then I was awoken because it was time to get up. Super weird dream. I have no idea what kind of interpretation you could figure for that!

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