Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm gonna be an overprotective dad

Seriously. I already am!
Grace is 4 and I don't let her get her own snacks from the cupboard. We keep the snacks in the upper cupboards (for obvious reasons) so naturally, she uses a chair to get up high enough. I am always so worried that she is going to fall eventhough I have total faith in the stability of the chair and Grace's ability to stand on said chair. I am just worried.
Sometimes, I have good reason to be concerned. The other day, she was trying to get a dress down off the hanger in her closet. She had pushed her chair over, put the stool from her princess vanity on the seat of the chair and climbed up on that. When I found her, she had one hand on the dress, one hand on the door jamb, and her tippy-toes on the stool. She had to lean forward as well, so her center of gravity wasn't over her feet. I just about had a heart attack.
So there's that.
I don't like when she is out of my site outside. She insists on take the long way around the house. On the sidewalk and not thru the side yard. And I get nervous when is out in the yard my herself. It's fenced in. She can't get out. She knows about strangers, I leave the windows open so I can hear her, and I put the dog out too. The dog would go ape-shit if ANYONE approached the fence. I check on her regularly and all that. I get over it and let her have that little bit of independence. I am learning.

All in all, that's not so bad. It's reasonable. BUT, what is unreasonable, is the fact that I can't ever see myself letting her ride her bike to the corner store, walk down the street to a friend's, etc. Basically, I can't see myself letting her be alone off our property. It's something I am going to have to get over, I know. But I'm not ready yet.

Don't even get me started with dating. It ain't gonna happen. ever. Yup, I'm gonna be one of those dads. Arms crossed, lookin' down my nose, "What's your name? Who are your parents? What kind of music do you listen to? Who's your favorite? Do you like sports? Do you Play sports? You're not a LEAFS fan are ya?" Yes I am , Mr.Hinch. "WRONG ANSWER!! Get out of my house."

I can't wait. That part is gonna be so much fun. HAHAHAHAHAHAAH


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