Monday, July 21, 2008


So hopefully the brake job on the car tomorrow (today) doesn't cost much. I
have to take the girls to swimming lessons and get some sleep on both sides
of that. I am probably gonna be cranky. I have been for the last few days
anyway! Gonna try and see mom tomorrow. Haven't seen her yet.

I won $10 on a lotto ticket Friday night. I am probably just gonna turn it
into more lotto tix and hope for the $2.5 million. That's my plan.

I watched Heavy Metal Parking Lot yesterday. Interesting enough. For 1986.
The only reason I downloaded it was because I read there was a 20 year old
guy making out with a 13 year old girl (possibly cousins). I had to see
Next up is a 2007 metal documentary called Heavy Metal in Baghdad.

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