Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back up!! Back up!!!!!!

Thurday night Becky and I were going to pick the girls up at her parents we had a little incident with a transport. We were travelling south on Centre st. and were stopped at the Bridge St. intersection waiting to turn left. Mr. Transport was going east on Bridge turning left onto centre. (You can see where this is going, right?) As he is turning the corner, we both say out loud, "is he going to make it?" Answer: NO! Back up Back up!!!! Becky backs up quickly, not even checking to see if the was anything behind us. She stops. MORE MORE!!!! So she fires it back out of trailer range.
Now, most (competent) truckers would know whether or not they would be able to make a corner like that. In which case they would pause and tell the tiny little car they are about to crush, to move back. Not this guy!! Looked right at us and kept on going. What the hell was he doing that deep in town anyway?? Idiot.
So, we didn't get crushed by a transport but it was a bit scary. I don't know what the hell we would have done if we couldn't back up fast enough? Shit!

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