Sunday, August 3, 2008

I mean, Come ON, people!!

I've been buzzing my hair for about a year. Not thatlong really, but being
the dynamic person that I am, I decided to change it up. I thought, hey,
what the hell? Faux-hawk!!
I started it about a month ago and last week it was good enought to
actually wear it, like without hat.And I have gotten(almost) nothing but
grief about it for 8 days. and I wore a hat for 3 of those.
At first Becky was like "what did you do that for? Whatever, it's your
hair." But now she says she likes it. Sarah (our hairdresser friend)
cleaned it up for me and she said it looked good. Lianne at work, was like
"yeah, right on, awesome!"
Other than that. grief. Most of it is playful grief. Most of it. I've
"Did you have to go to the reserve to get that?"
"Have a special on haircuts on the reserve, did they?"
"Spend some time on the reserve this weekend?"
" But you're not an Indian?" (nb shit, but I was never Roman either and I
had a caesar cut)
"You lose a fight with the lawnmower?" yes, yes I did.Idiot.
"Let me guess, 3000 Miles to Graceland?" I don't even know what that means.
Most of it has not been verbal. Lots of staring, snickering, weird looks, I
am sure some laughing behind my back, you know, various looks that say
"weirdo, punk, or loser" basically.
There was even a plant tour yesterday (bigwigs stopping at MY machine to
watch me build. luck of the draw) and I was told to keep my hat on because
of the mohawk. Dare I say, fuck you? I did keep it on only because I didn't
have any gel or anything in my locker.

It's just a haircut people!!!!

I don't judge the guy with the wannabe skullet, or the guy with the
flat-top, or the rest of the morons that have had the same haircut since
So what if I have a "mohawk". It's not a mohawk, it's a faux-hawk, I didn't
go down to the skin. I am trying to express a little bit of individuality.
Is that so bad?
I had consider just shaving it off. But now I want to keep it just because
I know people think it's weird or something.
Down with the system!! F the people!! FTW!!!! lol


Michael said...

It'd be a cold day in hell before I'd of let them tell me to keep my hat on...fuck that!

Even if I was planning on leaving my hat on all day, it woulda been off right then and there! You're a bigger man than I Matty!

Matt Hinch said...

I thought long and hard about it. It was WJB asking that I keep it on, but he said it THROUGH Pete. Didn't even ask me directly.
Like I said, if I had gel in my locker, I would have 'hawked it up!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo , I made your blog ! I was one of the "reserve" comments ! Ha, Ha, Ha.......
I had a tour stop by the machine I was running once and one of the "BIG WIGS" commented on my tattoos. He said he liked them.

Matt Hinch said...

not so anonymous, JRN. hahah