Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baseball vs. Hockey (and the LPGA crap)

I have a really hard deciding whether I prefer baseball or hockey.
There is nothing sweeter than a homerun swing.
Hockey is Canada's game.
I am good at baseball (most of the time)
I can play hockey.
I love the anticipation and payoff of baseball.
Hockey is fast and exciting.
I love the Blue Jays and Indians, and they both suck.
I love the Blackhawks and they suck. (for now)
So, really I can't decide.
I'll give them a tie because they are played in different seasons.
Football gets second. (NFL and CFL)
Football gets third. (MLS)
and I couldn't care less about basketball. Honestly, I don't give a shit.

And what's with this shit about the LPGA suspending golfers who don't speak English??
What the fuck!!!???? How racist is THAT!??!?!?!?
Yet another reason why I enjoy playing golf but I hate the golf world. Stuck up assholes.
One day (after I win the lottery) I am going to open Matt's Rebel Golf Club.
NO dress code. Beer stands on every hole. Mulligans granted when jackass blows an airhorn at you. Ya know, make it fun!
Anyway, I better go to bed. Becky isn't home which mean I have to get up with the girls no matter what. But Becks is enjoying a well deserved break. Love you hunny!

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