Saturday, August 30, 2008

Poor Becky

My wife was supposed to be accompanying a friend and her family to Florida for a week in November. Her friend's daughter is terminally ill and the Make a Wish Foundation was sending them to Disneyland. They were allowed to choose a friend to come with them to help out with the kids and the dog. They picked Becky! What an honor!! Right?
Well, Make a Wish vetoed their pick. It seems that eventhough they talk to eachother almost everyday (online) and are really great friends, Becky hasn't spent enough "face time" with the whole family. So they said Becky can't go. She was so excited to go.
Why let the family choose who they want to bring if you are just going to shoot them down? How in hell would Make a Wish know what kind of relationship they have? All Becky and Sam talk about is kids, parenting etc. We bought cloth diapers from her (home made), got lots of advice on all kinds of things, gave lots of advice to them, etc. We have the same ideals with regards to how we raise our kids.
I just don't see how Make a Wish can judge that Becky would not be a good fit to go with them based on total face-time. It's not like there has been NO face-time, apparently just not enough.
My mom lives in Vancouver and I only see her every few months, so does that mean she couldn't come with me to Florida?? I haven't seen the Keeches in a couple years, so I couldn't go on a trip with them? It just doesn't make any sense!
I am sure they have their reason, I mean, they do this all the time, but I just don't like it when judgements are made by outside parties that don't know the real score.

I just hope the Knapps have a wonderful time at Disney with whomever they are "allowed" to bring. It should be a wonderful family trip!!!

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