Sunday, August 24, 2008

My favourite place in the world. (other than my house)

Becky and I went to Chad and Kelly's cottage this weekend. (well, Kelly's step-mom's cottage) We left the girls with Gramma and Grandpa and enjoyed an adult weekend.
Friday night we boated over and unpacked. Then just sat around, played Wii Sports, drank adult beverages, and ate lots of junk. (we were VERY hungry, wink)
Saturday Chad and I went fishing in the morning and didn't catch anything. Got a few hits but Chad tells me that the fish in that lake are hard to get out.
In the afternoon, Becky, Kelly and I got pulled around in the big tube. Becky got dumped. She is in some kinda achy state. I am too really but mine is from holding on for dear life and not getting dumped. Oh, they tried. Did they ever try!! At one point, the tube was right out of the water, vertical. My head pointing to shore. Somehow, it righted itself and I stayed on. Woo Hoo!!! They whole time we could hear the dogs on shore barking and howling at us. hahah
We came back and ate lunch out in the lake on the big 4-person floater. Then more fishing.
Chad and I fished while Becky and Kelly floated behind us on the tube. No fish caught.
For supper, we had giant steaks. I mean giant. The smallest one was about 20 oz. Damn they were good. That's all I had to eat. No salad, no bread, nothing. Just meat!!!!!
That night we played more Wii, watched a movie, drank and ate more junk.
We came home this afternoon tired, sore, missing our girls but very grateful for a weekend at My Favourite Place in the World. The cottage.
We will be going back in Sept with the girls. Maybe not with the dog. Leia was GREAT this weekend. She hung around the cottage all weekend. We even left her alone, outside for over an hour when we went fishing/floating Saturday night and she was right there waiting for us when we got back. Taking her AND the girls might be too much. At least for sleeping. Not to mention room in the car.
Maybe I can catch a fish next time. Gotta put that license to use!!

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