Thursday, August 28, 2008

Somebody shoot me

I had the worst night last night. I got home from ball, fine. Heard a big accident when I was letting the dog out. Still don't know what happened. Lots of sirens though. Whatever. chatted with Becky for a bit. great. Then:
11pm Amelia starts crying. It get intense so I go get her, Bring her down and give her a bottle.
1145pm She's ready for bed again so I take her up and she lays right down.
1230am Crying again. I let it go for a bit but it's not getting better. I bring her back down.
1245-215am numerous failed attempts to put her back to bed. I'd get her asleep in my arms or in the rocker and when I try to lay her down again she just wails. Even tylenol didn't help. I thought it was her teeth.
215-3am I listen to her cry.
3am I finally go get her again, give her another bottle and she falls asleep on my chest. Whatever, I fall asleep too.
7-8am She is still sleeping but is moving around a bit and every time she does, I wake up.
8am Up for good.

We went over to Jess's for pancakes this morning then I dropped Grace off at Fiona's for a birthday party. I have to go back and get her in like 20 minutes so I have to wait til I get back to lay Amelia down. I really really hope I can get Grace to have a nap too. Maybe all the crying kept her up enough that she'll be tired and I can get some rest. I got most of the laundry put away so other than dishes (after supper) and some tidying up, I am good to go. I am so going to bed early tonight. After I give myself a haircut (bye Faux-hawk!), shower and shave. Becky will have to wake me up when she gets home. IF I am asleep that is. Dollars to doughnuts I won't be asleep when she gets home, for whatever reason.
Wish me luck!

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