Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maybe I'm just getting old

We took the girls to the 177th Annual Napanee Agricultural Fair on Monday.
177 years, that's pretty cool. That's since like 1831. I am glad we didn't
have to pay 10 bucks each to get in. Partly because we were only there for
like and hour and a half but mostly because I don't do rides. I used to be
all about the rides but now I can't even handle a swing for more than 5
minutes. Grace loves rides but she can't go on all of them and it's
expensive!! She went on 2 rides and it cost us $7.50. If we were going to
make a day of it, we would have got a bracelet. I love you see her happy so
it's worth the money.
Grace entered 2 flower arrangments in the children's division and placed
1st in one and 3rd in the other, netting her $6.75 in prize money!! Woo
I was way more interested in the non-midway stuff. The arts and crafts, the
baking, the animals and all that. The poultry was pretty cool. Grace had a
nice conversation with a goose. I was fascinated with how the judge for one
of the 4-H Dairy competitions was able to determine which cow was better
than the others. They all looked good to me!
I would like to have seen the heavy horse pull, the tractor pull and the
demo derby too but I had to work and stuff.
So maybe I am just getting old but not being interested in rides and being
interested in chickens is definitely a sign of something. Next year I might
even submit some entries into the food comps. some salsa, or spaghetti
sauce or maybe a pie! okay, maybe not a pie.

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Michael said...

Way ahead of ya buddy...3 years ago in Tyendinaga, my Zucchini won 1st prize and my pictures won 2nd and 3rd.

Plus our dog won 2 first prizes...then again there are no rides at that fair so maybe I'm not old just bored!